• LanguageLamp for Adobe InDesign© and Adobe InCopy©

  • LanguageLamp is an extremely useful utility for working with multiple languages in InDesign and InCopy documents.

    It currently supports the Creative Cloud (CC-CC 2024) and Creative Suite (CS3-CS6) versions of these products.

    LanguageLamp allows you to "light up" the languages applied to text in your document. Verify you're applying the right spelling and hyphenation to your text with easy visual indicators.

    Use the LanguageLamp palette to view all the languages used in your document. Check each language to turn the "lamp" on or off in your documents.

    LanguageLamp is selection aware so you can easily view all the languages in a text selection, page item(s) selection, the entire document, or application workspace.

    LanguageLamp palette

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